#PrintYourPhotos! – The Process of choosing what fits Best for your Family Archive

a photo of a husband and wife sitting on their dark blue couch. the wife is kissing her husbands cheek, while he smiles and looks down towards their newborn baby. on the wall behind them are 3 black and white photos in skinny black frames. the first is from their engagement , the second is from their wedding and the third is from their maternity photoshoot.

While it might seem like deciding what to do with your beautiful photos might be one of the hardest parts of the process, I think it’s actually one of the more enjoyable elements. Once your session is complete, you and I will schedule a time to come into my office, located in Mt. Airy, to view your photos for the first time together. I have lots of options that have been specifically curated for my clients’ wants and needs. Digital files are always a nice option to have, as it’s easy for everyone in your family to have access to them as well as contributing to your own personal digital archive. Even so, I like to encourage all of my families to think about adding at least 1-2 physical products so you will have something that you can see, feel, touch, and really enjoy on a daily basis. Prints, wall art, and albums are great additions to your family photo collection that can be passed down through generations. After all, if it brings you joy- you should see it as often as possible. 

a mother is smiling, looking into the camera with her son on her hip. they are standing in the babys room, in front of his crib and a framed photo of his mother, father and dog from his parents maternity photoshoot.

I never want you to feel lost when it comes to deciding what to do with your photos or feel that you have to figure everything out on your own. When you come in for your meeting, we’ll sit together and watch a slideshow of all your images on a nice big screen. I find that viewing your photos for the first time this way is the best way to see all the really beautiful details and soak in each photo. Once the slideshow ends and we’ve seen all your photos, I’ll then walk you through any and every archival option that is available to you. 

a family is sitting on their light tan couch. the mother is on the left, with her toddler daughter on her hip, while the father sits next to them holding their newborn. the newborn is asleep while the rest of the family smiles looking at the camera. on the blue wall behind them, there is 3 photos from the couples wedding framed in white frames. underneath the frames is a wooden print that says mr & mrs brickley est. 11. 23. 19

Every product I offer is the most archival and beautiful option available. Over the years, I have hand-picked each product to ensure that it will last as long as possible throughout your family archive for generations. I like to put a lot of emphasis on each family’s own personal collection, as it’s one of the best ways to actively contribute to your family’s history. Building both a physical and digital archive consisting of your family photos will do just that. Everyone chooses to archive their photos in their own way- for some, it’s starting a collection of family albums that live on a shelf with easy access to enjoy, while for others it can mean creating a living gallery wall in their home (if you’re not sure what this means- ask me!), or having prints to gift to various family members. 

a dog sits on the back of the couch, facing away from the camera as a baby girl also sits in a similar position on the couch. behind the couch on the left is a kitchen, while on the right is a wall with a framed photo of the family and their two dogs in a skinny black frame.

Ultimately, I want you and your family to feel comfortable with what you end up choosing to do with your photos. My goal is to provide you with any guidance you need in figuring out what works best for you and your family. While we do try to get everything squared away in your meeting, you will also get a shareable online gallery for any additional purchases you need more time for as well as digital downloads. I never want you to leave with even more things on your to-do list so I am here to help as much as you need. 

a wooden shelf is on a white wall above a white dresser. on the shelf (left to right) is a small metallic pineapple vase with flowers popping out the top, a small eiffel tower figurine, an 11x14 print of a family sitting on a bed with their 3 daughters, and a pink and white vase with white flowers.
It should never require electricity to see a photo of someone you love.

Starting your family’s archive off with family photos is a great motivator to upkeeing your archive. Fill out my contact form to get started on booking your family session.

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