All of the most amazing moments in life are made even more memorable through the power of a photograph, a memory frozen in time. I love how memories can be captured, collected, and recollected. And that is my goal as your photographer: to capture memories. You live your life, I log it.
I strive to tell your personal, unique story.
I like to take a quiet, unobtrusive approach. 
I will laugh with your family, cuddle with your pets, and of course capture the beauty of your relationships and your lives for years and generations to come. I am also on a personal mission to help more families print and properly archive their photos. 

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When I was younger I remember hating being asked the question, "What is your hobby?" Hobby? "Watching TV, hanging out with friends," I would reluctantly answer. Meanwhile, I spent my free time in my parent's attic going through boxes and boxes of photos from decades even before I was born. Memories documented and loosely catalogued by sharpie on boxes, CVS time stamps, and the obvious - pre and post my birth timeline. At 12, I was obsessed with making sure that my family's archive was properly stored and taken care of. A hobby turned passion. Now I spend my days creating memories for your family archive. 
So when do Bear and Lola come into play? Well, they're the reason I specialize in making sure your furry family members are included in those memories.

A Personal Journey to help YOU #PRINTYOURPHOTOS

My background story

his is a photo of me with both of my puppers - Bear & Lola. While they aren't the whole reason I do what I do, they are a big part.


I bet if you close your eyes and think of 5 of the most important photos in your life, they are all photos you had printed and prominently displayed in your house growing up. This photo is one of those for me. My story starts here - the day they adopted and brought me home. This photo - printed as an 8x10 and set in an ornate gold frame served as the permanent reminder that I was loved from the very start. 

My adorable Parents


While going through all those boxes something occurred to me. My mom had been so good at documenting, but she was always the one behind the camera. There are all these sweet moments with me and my dad, my dog, my grandparents. Really,  only a handful of photos of my mother and I exist. Whatever did exist, I had to dig out of boxes because my hardworking mother never had the time to put anything in albums or frames. This is where I come in. Let me pick up the slack for you. Enjoy those moments - I will make sure they have a place in your life forever. 

Who is behind the camera?

One Crucial error

The Most important memories

Alexa is absolutely amazing!  We joked with Alexa that we'd come out of a session feeling like it was chaos (with a baby and dog not cooperating) and then be blown away at the pictures as she was able to capture the absolute perfect moments that we will cherish forever. She's amazing at her job but also just so fun and great to work with, it's like seeing an old friend each time we are with her! Her beautiful work lines the walls of our home and we enjoy them each and every day.

I highly recommend Alexa! She took photos of me and my dog and was extremely patient with my high-energy pup. She worked diligently to capture his attention and was very accommodating regarding locations both inside and outside of my home. Alexa's vision and style are unparalleled and her level of service is what makes her the best in the business!

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 From those first moments with your new baby to your last few with your pups,  I'm here to document your memories as they unfold. Together we will make sure to  contribute to the telling of the history of your family. 

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