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The Newborn Experience

My mother always had a camera in her hand everywhere we went. A small automatic Minolta, a disposable camera, and at one point a fancy point and shoot digital Olympus (anyone else remember the age of the panoramic print from CVS?!) But one thing was always missing. One day as I poured over years and years and photos I realized she wasn't in any of them. See, my mother was always behind the camera documenting every moment. All those times we cuddled in bed, played at the park, hung out on the porch - they live only in my memories as small still lifes tucked on a shelf in my mind. You deserve more than that. You deserve to be documented and part of their story. Let me tell your story. Create a family archive. 

You're Busy enough as it is. Let me handle the documentation

It all starts with a email. I will send you a full pricing list to review and we will pick a time to chat on the phone to go over details. On the call,  we will go over what a typical newborn session looks like. I then schedule your session for your due date. I only accept a handful of due dates a month to accommodate for scheduling once the baby arrives (within the first two weeks is best). I will send over a booking proposal complete with a questionnaire, contract, and information on how to pay your session fee. Your session fee is the only thing due at the time of booking. Once you complete the booking proposal and I receive your payment, I will countersign your contract and send an email with a link to your own personal portal where all your photos and info will live. 

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2. The Wait and the session

Once the baby arrives we can schedule your session! We like to aim for those first two weeks at home. That is usually when they are the sleepiest. However, if you need more time that is also fine. We can figure out a plan that works out for everyone. Generally we schedule for a 10:30 or 11 am start on a weekday. I suggest having out any accessories or swaddles you want to incorporate out when I get there. We can do a little tour of the rooms we want to use and make a game plan. My goal is to always get a nice combination of candid and posed photos. That includes pictures of you all together, and then individuals as well with parents and siblings. Pets are always welcome to join in whatever way we feel is safest. 

3. Photo Reveal

Once your session is complete we will schedule a time for you to come into my office, located in Mt Airy, Philadelphia (between Chestnut Hill and Germantown), to view your photos for the first time. During your meeting I will go over all your archiving options from digital to print to wall art and albums. Everything you could want is available. Together we will make sure you get everything you need to properly archive your photos. I am more than happy to guide you through the process and make suggestions along the way. 


After purchasing your heirloom items during the meeting you will also get access to an online gallery you can share with family and friends. If you purchased the digital files they will be available for digital download here. You, as well as whoever you share the gallery with, will be able to order additional prints and items in case there is anything you forget to snag in the meeting. 


Digital items are delivered via digital download and custom USB drive. Once all your items are delivered to me and packaged up nicely I will shoot you an email to coordinate pick up or delivery. I will also happily hang wall art you order including custom frames. Don't forget to save your digital photos in more than one place for safe keeping.

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The Process

Newborn Sessions starting at only $400

I'll be honest - we go with the flow. Sometimes it feels a little chaotic. But if that isn't life with a newborn, I don't know what is. When the baby needs to eat- we take a break and feed them. Mom having a hot flash - go stand by the fridge. Newborn sessions can take up to 2 hours. My goal is always to get a nice combination of posed and candid. We start posed and never stop catching moments- even in between shots. Sometimes the outtakes are the best. 

Pricing Details

Say Hello

Heirloom Artwork

Authentic Storytelling

Lifestyle Portraits

My goal is to make you comfortable and confident in front of the camera. (Even if that means I have to memorize a bunch of dad jokes to make you laugh)
Ask about my Belly to Birthday package to cover all the milestones of the first year. 

So what should you do with your newborn photos? Anything you like! Most clients love having the digital files so they can post updates on social media as well as share with family and friends that might not be close by to see them. I usually reccomend getting an album as the best way to get all your favorite photos in one place. A few prints for the wall and family are never a bad idea.

Alexa is absolutely amazing!  We joked with Alexa that we'd come out of a session feeling like it was chaos (with a baby and dog not cooperating) and then be blown away at the pictures as she was able to capture the absolute perfect moments that we will cherish forever. She's amazing at her job but also just so fun and great to work with, it's like seeing an old friend each time we are with her! Her beautiful work lines the walls of our home and we enjoy them each and every day.

Alexa did an amazing job shooting my maternity pictures. When you’re almost 9 months getting your maternity pictures taken the last thing you feel is cute and comfortable. Alexa made me laugh so much and got me out of my shell. She made me feel confident and beautiful. She also made sure my needs of going to the bathroom were met :) Alexa is seriously so sweet! I highly recommend Alexa!

I highly recommend Alexa! She took photos of me and my dog and was extremely patient with my high-energy pup. She worked diligently to capture his attention and was very accommodating regarding locations both inside and outside of my home. Alexa's vision and style are unparalleled and her level of service is what makes her the best in the business!

Alexa is the best around! She took family photos for us twice- once for a newborn/family shoot, and again a year later. She and my 3-year-old quickly bonded- which helped my toddler feel excited and ready to participate and have fun. Alexa is amazing, kind, funny, and so comforting! It is so nice to find someone that makes you feel comfortable when taking your family pictures. 100/10 recommend booking Alexa! 

We had to spend an extra day in the hospital so at the time we saw her we had been home for less than 24 hours after spending 5 days in the hospital. I answered the door with wet hair and wearing a robe. Obviously I was overwhelmed. She however, was not. She calmed me down, said everything was ok and proceeded to hang out with my son while I got ready. I haven’t seen all the pictures yet, but I know they are going to be ones we will treasure forever. I know I will be going to Alexa to capture countless more moments in my families life.

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