Dog Photographer’s Guide to Philadelphia

Fellow dog mom over here just looking to share all the great resources and discoveries I have found close to my neighborhood! As a Philadelphia pet photographer and dog owner, I have made some great connections over the years and feel the need to share the love. Always check websites for the most current and updated information. If your business is listed in the Philadelphia Dog Guide please contact me for any necessary updates/ edits (

4 dogs of all different sizes and breads sit ting next to each other under a covered bridge in the fall.

Dog Parks- run out all that puppy energy!

Rolling Hill Dog Park

a large black dog swiftly running toward the camera in an open space with fencing in the background

Rolling hill dog park is a great option for dogs with multiple trails and amazing historical landmarks. The dog park is well shaded while still providing big open spaces for dogs to frolic. This park offers an off-leash trail as well that can be accessed right next to the dog park enclosure. Located in Gladwyne, PA, it’s such a great place to be although it can get a little crowded on the weekends it is usually pretty empty during the week. 

Roxborough Dog Park

  • Membership only- Once you become a member, you will be assigned an access code. Use this code to enter the park. This code is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone.
  • All pups of all shapes and sizes are allowed
  • Plenty of space to go for the long run
  • Open daily from 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM

A hidden gem, this park is open daily from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm if you have a membership. It allows dogs of all shapes and sizes. Once you become a member you get your own access code that can be used to access the park. What I like about this park the most is the necessity for dogs to have their proper vaccines and paperwork in order to join, which provides an added feeling of safety. This park is great for long runs with plenty of space and neighborly chats.

Schuylkill River Park Dog Run

  • Next to a really great walking trail with beautiful views of the city 
  • Includes a playground if you want to bring kids 
  • Has 2 enclosures 
  • One for small dogs and another for larger dogs 
  • There is also a splash pad for the dogs

The Schuylkill River Park Dog Run is located right next to a great walking trail with amazing views of the city. It features a playground located right next to it if you want to bring your kids. This dog park has two enclosures, one for small dogs and the other for larger dogs. It also includes a splash pad for the dogs in order for them to have the best time, even during a summer heatwave. This is a big park so be prepared to walk around quite a bit!

Pretzel Park

Pretzel Park is conveniently located right in the heart of Manayunk (a super dog-friendly town). It is such a fun spot for your dogs and kids (if you have children of the non-furry variety). With only one enclosure, the only downside is that the stone wall that surrounds one side of the park is a little low so if your dog is a jumper they might make a great escape.

Curtis Hill Dog Run (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

  • Nice place for pups to run around 
  • Chill vibes 
  • Off-Leash dog park with fenced area, a second area for smaller dogs
  • Huge and pretty off-leash park located next to scenic Curtis arboretum (great for family photos as well or just a nice walk) 
  • Sometimes after certain weather, the dog park gets a little muddy but good thing we know some great dog groomers

Curtis hill dog run is a great place to explore and let your pup run around. It is conveniently located next to the scenic Curtis Arboretum (which is great for family photos or just a nice walk). With chill vibes and an off-leash dog park with 2 enclosures (one for smaller dogs), it is a great place to stop by on both weekdays and weekends. Pro-tip: Sometimes after rainy weather, the dog park can get a little muddy but have no fear – if you scroll down you’ll find great options for both groomers and self-wash stations.

Pro Tip! If you need a more private space for your pups check out the app SniffSpot!

Download the app and add your zipcode to see all the available spaces to rent local to you.
It is basically airbnb for backyard rentals.

Dog Walkers

Pooch Scoochers- (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

I can personally attest that this is one of the most reliable and affordable dog walking services in Philadelphia Pa. They focus on the safety of your dogs and provide a dedicated pet caregiver to make sure your pets’ wants and needs and love is provided. With services in Manayunk, Roxborough, Andorra, Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy, East Falls, and more they are my personal go-to when my pups need an outing.


Liberty Vet Clinic – (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

a bulldog on the exam table gives a smiling veterinarian a lick and kiss

I might be biased because this is where I take my dogs but I love it so much. They are incredibly attentive, thorough, and affordable. They are so sweet with my very anxious dog and even do his exams in the waiting room sometimes when he’s too anxious to go all the way back. They are also great at helping to navigate the wonderful and sometimes mysterious world of dog allergies. They have open hours every day but Saturday. 

Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital

This Veterinary office is conveniently located in the Philadelphia area. They are great for educating clients about how to keep your pets healthy throughout the year with good nutrition and exercise. They do check-ups, procedures, and also surgeries. They are open every day of the week but I still suggest making an appointment well ahead as they are in high demand.

Upenn (Emergency Room)

The Upenn veterinary hospital located right on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus services dogs and cats as well as less common mammals. With emergency operations 24/7; they maintain excellence in patient safety and offer the best for your pets.

Pet Stores

City of Paws – (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

Lqbtq+ owned and operated and located right in Manayunk, they have great essential pet supplies for cats, dogs, and other small animals. In their back room, you will find 3 self-wash tubs that can help make bathtime so much easier (and less messy). They even have some quiet wash times for your reactive but still dirty dog. Don’t forget to call ahead to snag a time slot as they are in big demand.

The Bone Appetite (Chestnut Hill)

The Bone appetite is a great grooming salon and shop. Located right on Germantown Ave. in the commercial strip of Chestnut Hill, they have pet-friendly loving staff and a great community feel. They provide personal and knowledgeable customer care in addition to having some of the cutest pet outfits and apparel available. Don’t forget to make an appointment for your grooming needs. 

Doggy Style

Boutique Pet store with multiple locations (Bala Cynwyd, Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Center City, Fairmount, Queen Village, and Passyunk) that include high-quality food, great dog supplies, and nose-to-tail grooming and dog training. They are the closest thing to a one-stop-shop for all your pet needs. 


Canine Clippers

This grooming location is located in the Manayunk area. Canine Clippers provides a cute and comfortable environment with a very personable staff. They’re very knowledgeable about the needs of your pet. Make sure to check out their social media for great tips on keeping your dog healthy and safe!

Paw Prints – (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

Paw prints is a neighborhood staple located right on Ridge Ave. in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. With a great grooming staff and a fun-loving environment, your pet won’t want to leave when it is time for pick up. 

Doggy Day Cares

Fairmount Bark

My pups absolutely love it here! They pull me all the way to the door as soon as they get out of the car. A true home away from home. They also have boarding, grooming, and home visits available.

Little White Dog

Little white Dog provides daycare and boarding services. They are open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am-7:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:30 am-5:30 pm. Located in the Wissahickon section of Philadelphia, it is a great place for your dogs to exercise and socialize with other pets in a safe and fun-loving environment. Their spaces are mostly indoors but they do have an outdoor space for your pups to soak in some sunshine. 


This woman-owned daycare located right in the heart of Manayunk is a great place for your dogs to enjoy some social time. They are exclusively a daycare and put all of their energy into making your dog feel safe and welcome. 

Dog Bakery

Pet Friendly Dog Bakery – (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

A bright and airy dog store with treats and toys

This is one of the greatest additions to Manayunk in my opinion! While they are primarily a boutique dog bakery, they also have some indoor and outdoor play areas. Check their calendar of events- they host a ton of fun-themed play times as well as breed-specific meetups. You can even host a birthday party for your pooch with a cake included! Who would not love it?!?!

Check out this fun collab video below on how to take the best dog photos with your phone!

Amelie Bark Shop

Located in Passyunk this is a one-stop-shop boutique for all pet-obsessed peeps like myself. Don’t forget to stop by the Barkery for a custom cake and birthday decorations!


Opportunity Barks – (Philadelphia Dog Guide pick!)

Opportunity Barks

Paws down these are the best trainers around! They use a science and reward-based approach with an emphasis on balanced and ethical training. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. They offer puppy socials, group classes, private training, boarding, and even a farm school!  

a woman kneeling on the ground, outside in the fall- smiling looking down at the puppy on her left. on her right, is her older dog looking at the two of them.

Tri-Dog Solutions

Tri-Dog Solutions is a dog training & human coaching service that is another great fit for your pup! They offer in-home dog training in Philadelphia & Montgomery Counties to help you find harmony with your dog. Tri-Dog Solutions specializes in a one-on-one custom-tailored training program that is science, relationship, and Lima-based.

Other Pet-Friendly Locations / Dog-Obsessed Businesses

Wissahickon Valley Park

underwater view of dog swimming

There is a dog beach easily accessible by the Kitchen Lane Entrance. You can also hike down from Blue Bell Park (just be sure to keep your pups on a leash!)

Nutmeg Cake Design

Feel like you need a custom illustration of your furry love on an edible cookie or cake? LOOK NO FURRTHER!

Piggyback Treats

Their sustainably crafted treats are health Conscience, seasonal, sustainable, and made with local ingredients for your pets. Each batch is made in small amounts by their chef to ensure the best quality for your furry loves. They work with local and regional businesses to help reduce food waste. They produce top-quality human-grade treats without any preservatives. You can find them in almost any of the shops and businesses listed here or order directly from them. Their salmon skins are a fan fave with all my pets and clients.


The cutest bowties and bandanas to make sure your pup is looking dapper.

Hotel Monaco

Pet-friendly hotel located in Old City, Philadelphia. They will even help you walk your pup if you’ve got a busy day ahead.

Wyze Camera–G5wEfv4vEDIDwpcntxrOWpVPYlTwtFVJc8lCC_DS3JgkuhBeLBoCiuEQAvD_BwE

Need to keep an eye on them while you are away? We use the Wyze camera system to spy on them to make sure they aren’t up to anything nefarious. It has an easy-to-use app, swivels to see as much of the room as possible, and has a two-way audio feature so you can either yell at them when they are being bad or profess your love to them if you miss them. 

That concludes this year’s Philadelphia Dog Guide!

If you’re interested in getting photos taken of your pup- feel free to fill out my contact form and we can discuss details! Your dog is also extremely welcome to hop into your family session! 🙂

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